mercoledì 3 novembre 2010

Dubrovnik antigolf

Anti-golf initiative "Srdj je nas!" = meaning Srđ (Srdj = the hill right above Dubrovnik where a giant golf course is planned to be built, je nas = is ours, or belongs to us).
You can see us on facebook group!/group.php?gid=149666065065239 here, or on our website
Our initiative is formed by number of NGOs from Dubrovnik and Croatia - some of them are dealing with arts, some of them are environment protection organizations, some are dedicated to development of the civil society and we're all totally into the anti golf fight.
This is the website of what crap is planned to be built just above our small city
it is all in Croatian but i will try to summarize the main facts:
the green field above the city is that monstrous golf course and houses that you can see by the sea is Dubrovnik - the size of the golf course is horrifying us all. It is planned to be built on the territory of about 310 hectares ( that is 3100000m2 or 3,1 km2)

188 ha are planned to be golf courses - one with 18 holes designed by Greg Norman and one with 9 holes;
on 31 ha they plan to build 268 villas (designed by stars like Zaha Hadid etc, each from 500 m2 to 800 m2 large), 408 apartments - with total accommodation capacity 2800 beds + 2 hotels, restaurants etc etc etc etc
It is obvious that in case of Srdj it is not golf that is the main interest for the investor - it is the buildings (hotels, villas, apartments ...) which he wants to build and just resell.
the main investor into golf park Dubrovnik is Aaron Frenkel (Israeli businessman - said to be involved into arms selling, but we do not want to go in that direction with our fights against golf and massive building on srdj)
one thing that is particularly bizarre in this golf business is the fact that Croatia is the only country with the Law on golf courses - that law proclaims golf to be one of main development directions for Croatia and allows expropriation of land owners if they do not want to sell their land (Yes it is possible in Croatia !!!) ... this law is very controversial and we're all trying to knock it down . .. but it goes so slow :((

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